Saturday, 22 September 2012


Hell Ride:
With the Vic CX Champs tomorrow I was somewhat un-inclined to do much work in the wind, but the sheer number and sketchyness of riders meant I found myself rolling to the front just to keep position.

Into Frankston I found myself next to Joel Pearson, so I asked him "Are we going to have some shenanigans today?", he was coy, but having seen him ride the hills a few times, I know it's in his nature to smack it and smack it hard. With that in mind I followed his wheel when he emerged from the side of the bunch and marginally accelerated clear into the base of Hopes Rise, when he got out of the saddle, so did I, and from there it was a flat out sprint to the top, Joel holding a bike length on me the whole way. I wanted to go on with it but Joel sat up with a gasped "that fucking hurt", and I followed suit, we'd gapped everyone and I kind of felt better than he sounded. it felt awesome!

The next few hills I pretty much just kept position, making sure to move around anyone who looked to be struggling, and there were a few.


The trip home was a little like the trip down, I moved to the front as a way of keeping out of harms way, but ideally wanted to just sit in 15th wheel.

I didn't even sprint, content to make the move from half way up Ricketts, then to be sitting on the back of guys like Rico Rogers and Duncan Smith when the kick went. I was in a happy place, one that could be explained (later) by PBs on Hopes Rise and Ricketts Point.

Strava link.

D: 99.9km
A: 400m

PMPW: 92kg

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