Sunday, 2 September 2012


St Kilda East - Sorrento - Arthurs Seat - St Kilda East:
Dave had to get to Geelong today, rather than ride down the Princess, a horrible ride at the best of times, he decided to go down the eastern shore of the bay then ferry across from Sorrento. I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and accompany him to Sorrento,  ensuring my biggest weekend on the bike since the 2009 Warny where I clocked up 400km (of racing).

Killing a bit of time to the next ferry, while stuffing sausage rolls from Bakers Delight into our faces, I had a minimum of 80km to get home...  solo. It's a little daunting, in fact it was a lot daunting. We'd had a tail wind down and I'd done my very best to just keep rolling along, chatting with DK and not thinking about how every pedal stroke was one I'd have to do in the reverse direction. So, when three boys in Wynn's kit rolled in and answered "St Kilda" to the age old "G'day, where've you come from?" question, I was bloody stoked. I had company for the return leg

N: "Sweet, I'm your new best friend."
W: "We're going via Arthurs Seat."
N: "Excellent."

Despite my legs still felling rather flogged out from yesterday, I was more than happy to do Arthurs Seat, firstly it meant I was guaranteed company, the second and almost equally important, it was a few bonus extras that would get me close to the 200km mark. Something I brought up at the end of the ride with a quick detour round the bay to Middle Park.

Strava link.

D: 200.7km
A: 1,363m

CE: 1/2

PMPW: 94kg

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