Wednesday, 19 September 2012


NRR Long:
The theme of taday's ride was sitting on wheels, including finally managing to hold AJs wheel up Two Bays Rd, taking a further 7 seconds off my previous best time.

By now you're likely aware that what I care about on this ride is the two "Bay" roads, "Canadian" and "Two". Fuck I didn't fully think that sentence through did I? Anyway, you get the idea, so lets just skip to that. Off the highway and into Canadian Bay, I planted myself near AJ, a few guys attacked and he set solid tempo, reeling them all in and continuing on the front until the final kicker where 2 dudes attacked. I chased, passing them both, as they'd obviously miss judged the effort, which put me on the front for the start of the descent.

I paused for a half a moment to give the next rider a chance to get on, then AJ bridged, then Joel Strachan got up to us. I swung wide on a tight left, allowing someone else through to do some work, there were more chasing us, but it would hurt them to get across and that suits me juuuuust fine.

AJ rounded the bottom corner into Two Bays first, I slotted myself on his wheel and shifted my hands to the tops of my bars. "Relax the arms and shoulders", "Pedal circles", "Breathe". I knew what I had to do, but kept reminding myself because the effort was making it hard to concentrate on anything other than... well... the effort.

A giant kitted rider attacked around house #45, Joel went with him and I waited. I was already well above threshold and I would pay for any extra effort to kick onto their wheels. I saw AJ go though the same mental process, he looked hard at the back of Joel's wheel, edged ever so slightly to the right to catch a whiff of draft from the faster bodies, then eased back to the left and relaxed the shoulders. A few moments (that felt like eternity) later, Joel came back to us, we passed house #30, the final left hander was just ahead. I was 3rd on the road and AJ looked to be in the box at least as deep as me. I pulled out as we rounded the corner, pulled along side, listening to the labour in his breath, "yep, he's hurting", as my wheel edged in front of his, he stood up, I stood up, he stared me in the eyes, I stared him in the sun glasses, he clicked a gear, I clicked a gear.... then I got weirded out by the staring. AJ: 1, Neil: 0.

Strava link.

D: 94.6km
A: 413m

PMPW: 92kg

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Lee Turner said...

You need to be tested, love WADA.