Tuesday, 18 September 2012


6am NRR:
For giggles I put myself up front on the way south, rolling turns anywhere up to 50 km an hour. .Get in the box early, suffer, then try to hang on." That was the plan.

After the turn I continued to work, including pulling through for the majority of both the climb into Blackrock (Ricketts Point) and the one out. On the way out Golly and a few others hit me hard, creating an insta-gap that I had no chance of covering. The enthusiasm went out of my effort and I eased back into the bunch over the top, mentally preparing for the sprint.

The sprint got tangled along Ormond Esplanade with lights and traffic, I found myself clear with Lee and the young red haired hawthorn kid I talked about on the last Helly. There were gaps between each of us, so my first job was to get up to Lee, then get him up to the kid. The lights at Glen Huntly stopped us, giving me a moment to regain my composure, then take a short sit on the kid and finally to drive past him into the wind. From an eternity back Eddie "why do you keep making up nicknames for me?" Wilson had bridged and drew along side. I figured Lee would be on my wheel and have the move covered easy, so I giggled and sat up. Lee wasn't on my wheel, and I realised I'd let a solid chance to put Eddie away had gone begging.

Strava link.

D: 43.9km
A: 158m

A quick coffee and bike swap meant I was both excited by and equipped for some sneaky commuting single track on the cross bike. Hooking into corners on the damp earth then flicking cutties in the freshly graded sand of Birrarung Marr left my legs and a grin dirty, both were washed clean by the rain on the ride home.

D: 16.8km
A: 145m

PMPW: 91kg

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