Saturday, 15 September 2012


Hell Ride:
Look, don't tell anyone but I experimented with the legs out thing today. You see, I want to ride without them tomorrow, so today was a trial run. That's not really something you need to keep secret, the part I don't want you talking about publicly is that I used embrocation for a training ride. While I imagine for many that's not news worthy, it's a first for me, and I feel kind of silly about it, though it worked like a bloody charm!

The roll south along the beach was dead set relaxing. I don't know what was going on up the front, and even now after the fact, I don't want to know for fear of jinxing it as I was juuuust dandy with the whole affair.

Closing in on the hills I was excited to play games again, the bunch had three guys worth noting, Pat Lane, Calvin Watson and Joel Pearson. And true to my call, they were the ones that lit up the rollers between Frankston and Mt Eliza.

Olivers Hill/Hopes Rise was a repeat of the past few editions, I felt good and went around all bar the leading couple of riders who'd secured themselves a small gap, then rode myself on to their wheels as we crossed the false flat top. Patty Lane then took up duties on the front and kept the pace high until he eventually blew on the approach to Canadian Bay Rd, where Calvin took over before Joel Pearson finally attacked. Somewhere along the way I found myself on Joel's wheel and I followed him when he covered gaps and eventually stood up to attack. I didn't quite make the full crest past Canadian Bay, but Strava tells me I covered the lot faster than ever before.

Rolling home wasn't too tough, so I started moved myself up from Mordi on the off chance my legs would feel good for the sprint. I say "off chance" because I haven't feel the Hell Ride sprint for quite some time. I assume it's the hill then false flat that deceives me. Anyway as we rounded the bottom corner before the sprint I was in around 8th wheel. There was a young guy on the front, a red haired Hawthorn kid who's often found in Drapac kit, he's strong, but no sprinter. I took that as an opportunity to smack it up the right, hoping Lee would be on my wheel and be able to take advantage what I hoped was the havoc I'd caused. I eased off the pedals when riders started coming around me, happy that I'd finally felt good enough to influence the outcome of the sprint, sadly Lee wasn't with me and Joel Pearson grunted out a win over a small group of others.

Strava link.

D: 102.1km
A: 403m

PMPW: 92kg

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