Tuesday, 11 September 2012


6am NRR:
With the aim to roll a few kms before work without doing much work, I hoped to just have a sit for the whole loop. Somewhere along the line I forgot to just sit, or I got scared by the mid bunch gaps and chopping and rolled through some turns "for giggles".

The giggles stopped around Mentone when rolling forward on Wade's wheel, I found myself suddenly face with wind and a decent gap to the wheel in front. He'd pulled the pin and slotted himself into a handy gap on the slower left lane, leaving me with more work than I'd signed up for to get to the front and across the ever present Spencer's rider. Le ouch (that's French for "the ouch").

The BP sprint was all kind of muddled due to traffic, and a cop car pulled up in the left lane, so it was sit up and roll along to Wall 280 for a 3/4 flat white and some random dogs to talk to.

Strava link.

D: 45.6km
A: 183m

Shit, I totally forgot about the extra mental capacity available on easier weeks and how it can lead to unexpected results.

Today, while eating my deliciously healthy lunch, I logged on to the CSV website and entered the Warny (c-grade) and Vic CX Champs (elite). It was not something I planned to do today, and frankly despite talking about both races for a while I'm surprised to have now committed 100% to them.

I had the boxes for Stratford to Dargo and Melbourne Cup on Wheels/Vic Keirin Champs ticked too, but removed those as there's they're pretty disparate races and I've still got plenty of time to assess what I want to do that time of year.

D: 15.0km
A: 206m

PMPW: 92kg

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