Saturday, 1 September 2012


St Kilda East - Yarra Glen - Healesville - Chum Creek - Yarraglen - Eltham - St Kilda East:

I was told the ride wouldn't be a smashfest, but it most certainly was. 165km, with 2,500m of climbing at just over 28km/h average.

Lee, Leigh, Bolts, and I tagged onto a ride with DK and Kingy, for "Kinglake long".


For all the climbs, my place was glued to DK's wheel while he set tempo and tried to reel in Kingy each time he attacked off the front. Despite the rush of accomplishment I felt at the top of each climb, it was not a happy place for me. The pace Dave held kept me over threshold, and I constantly had to fight against the voices in my head and the feedback from my legs that wanted me to just drop the wheel.


We never did make it to Kinglake, Ray had to be back to town by 11:30, with 60km of hills between us and our goal, and only 150 minutes up our sleeves, we swapped off the front, with only the briefest of stops in Kangaroo Ground to refill bottles and put the only food I consumed during the ride in my face. A solitary picnic bar. God it was delicious, but still not enough to stave off the hollow and broken feeling by the end of the ride.

Strava link.

D: 165.8km

A: 2,532m

PMPW: 91kg

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