Monday, 10 September 2012


It's an easy week, a week where I recharge the fun times, reacquaint myself with sleeping past 5am and allegedly when I get faster. I'm excited about that last bit, I said it some time last week, but it bears repeating. The Warny is scaring the piss out of me at the moment; a bit of extra speed might help allay said fears.

Last week's suffer score: 361

D: 17.7km
A: 101m

PMPW: 92kg


Heaney Beans said...

Nice blog.

I'm interested to hear how you are structuring your "easy week"... reduction in volume &/or intensity, or both?

I've also noticed you've been tracking training stress based off heart rate via Strava's stress score. I assume you'll also be hoping to reduce the weekly stress score total?!

Just interested to see how you've planned on structuring this phase as there's much conjecture as to how to best implement deloads / recovery weeks, especially considering you're not using a powermeter for your training.

Neil Robinson said...

Dear Mr Beans.... or can I call you Heaney? Actually, I've decided I can.

Dear Heaney, you've got me all wrong. I'm all about the good times on two wheels, at some stage in the future I may get super anal about being the most efficient training machine ever, but right now it's about doing paper mache and finger painting in the pain box.

So yeah, the suffer score/effort metric is there in case in the future i want to review my training in relation to such things. That feels like a horrible over analysing data rabbit hole that I might never emerge from, so I'm trying hard not to go down it.

All that said, I did decide to be a little more "3 weeks of building up, 1 week of rest, repeat" about my fun times. But I've not planned to hit certain metric scores, just to do silly things involving mates and hills, and on the rest week, this week, to spend more time sitting in and drinking coffee than i'd normally do.