Sunday, 5 August 2012


Specialized Cross Melbourne:
No one was excited about racing today, called to the start line from the marquee's we'd be huddled under against the rain there were plenty of calls to have the race be 45 minutes instead of an hour. Not me though... I was suggesting an elimination or win and out.

I started on the back row of the grid and didnt contest the bustle of the opening straight. By the time I started to move up positions the leaders were well clear, I'd only see the front 3 again when they lapped me around the 45 minute mark.

The one advantage of starting the way I did was I always had someone to chase, a rabbit 20-30 seconds ahead who served to simultaneously pace and motivate me. The results have me finishing in 12th, 16 seconds behind Spiro, a minute shy of H and 1 minute 22 seconds in arrears of Nick Mitchell.

I'm reasonably happy with it all, I certainly didn't turn up with the best legs I could and did little to keep near these kinds of riders at the start. It gives me confidence that should I decide a race matters enough, I could compete with, and conceivably beat such riders.

Strava link.

D: 19.9km
A: 328m

A few extras to get the legs moving, including riding out to the race with Spiro. The plan was to ride home too... but we both piked and scabbed lifts.

D: 54.6km
A: 454m

PMPW: 91kg

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