Saturday, 25 August 2012


Hell Ride:
There were a couple of moments today where Joel Pearson showed why his name is written twice on the Warny honour role. One on the flat on the way down he and 2 others went clear from the front. I was a bit far back to respond immediately, but when I rolled forward to lend a hand, my good intentions were rendered unnecessary by lights catching the leading trio.

The next time gives me both great feelings about my abilities and post traumatic stress. Rolling into Olivers Hill / Hopes Rise I was chatting to Leigh De Luca.

"haha isnt this fun, i love hills."
"hahaha me too.

Ahead were a few too many blokes, but I felt confident I could slide past most of them and get a nice sit across the top and a rest before the next couple of rollers. Instead what happened is Joel Pearson. I looked up to see his bright orange clad arse go clear with neigh on 30 riders between me and him, worse yet, no one seemed to be responding.

Then a gift, the right side of the road opened up and with Leigh firmly glued to my wheel I went around all bar 3 blokes, Joel, Dan Braunsteins and my Evolution Cycles buddy (I really need to learn his name) from previous editions of the Helly and NRR Long. I got on to Evo boy as we hit the false flat top and gasped for air, before pulling through to help with the chase. Dan got on to the back of out little train and Pearso was coming back in a way that despite the pain, inspired confidence. Sweet, so I was moments away from being in a solid 5 man break on the Hell Ride, then the lights at Humphries Rd changed to red and every man and his bike rolled up. This is where things turn from great feelings to PTSD inducing, for in that bunch were legs that had had a sit and were far fresher than mine. The final rise up From Baden Powel Drv to Canadian Bay Rd took me to 184bpm and my legs to the point of cracking. Everyone in front seemed to be in the same boat, so when the wheels I was on cracked, I decided* to sit up with them.

So to whoever it was that tore the bunch apart on that last hill.... Johnny Walker? Alex Smyth?.... you're a jerk!

Strava link.

D:  87.7km^
A: 439m

PMPW: 92kg

* heh "decided", because  my brain totally works when my heart is at 184bpm.
^ I must remember to start the timer before Sandy next time.

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