Sunday, 19 August 2012


St Kilda East - Mt Pleasant Rd - Stony Creek Rd - Pigeon Bank Lane - Dawsons Rd - Clintons Rd - Flat Rock Rd - St Kilda East:
An sms piqued my interest last night, enough for me to agree to a ride today that might test my bruised and bloodied body.

"My husband's phone has died but he would like to know if you're interested in a ride tomorrow. Not fussy about where but hills are always good. Also, anger is a gift."

Seriously, who can say no to RATM quotes? Not me, that's for sure!

So I organised to meet Steve for a coffee and a roll around the punchy climbs between Eltham and St Andrews.

After the first kicker in Ivanhoe, where I ensured I had Steve's measure, I took the climbs at a moderate pace, enough to sweat, but not enough to suffer, it is a rest week after all.

Strava link.

D: 127.1km
A: 2,055m

PMPW: 92kg


mars said...

Funny we did not cross paths, Alex, myself and a couple others spent the morning tapping and linking across the same roads, would have been good to try and hurt you. Optimum word try, alway love to have a crack even tho it end up being to my aged detriment ;-)

PS the new scar will make you look tough, as the saying goes, chicks dig scars and love tatts.

Catch you soon.

neil said...

@mars: oh shit really?

I looked for your car at smiths gully, you know... just in case you were out for some sneaky trails. Mostly we had the roads to ourselves, 1 or 2 going the other way and that was it.