Friday, 17 August 2012


The short version of today's adventures is "Face meets road, road wins.".

The long version is that I was riding to work along St Kilda Rd. As an SMS from Danny Cohen describes "You looked so CBF", I wasn't terribly excited about it, but that's fairly normal.

So as I passed Victoria Barracks coming up to Southbank Boulevard, I merged over to between the straight ahead lane of cars and the rightmost left turning lane. Still, standard stuff going on, in fact it felt better than some days as all lanes of traffic were stopped.

Ahead was a van in the right and a car in the left, with a slightly smaller gap than the other combinations I was sailing through, "no stress", well a little stress when I was along side the van and realised he had an extra wide wing mirror. I ducked and swerved a little to ensure I didn't collect it, then promptly landed on my face.

I think I put my front wheel under the the front wheel of the car to the left, they might have been rolling forward at the time, I really don't know, but my front wheel stopped dead (and crumpled), and without touching either vehicles body work, I went OTB, with my chin doing all the work to stop my momentum.

6 stitches, 1 tetanus shot and a prescription for antibiotics later, I was at my desk eating cupcakes for charity.

A: 48m

PMPW: 91kg

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