Monday, 13 August 2012


So I was thinking about the group of women who I rode "with" on the way home yesterday, all on different bikes, all with different helmets.... yet all wearing at least 2 items of Rapha.

It brought back to me conversations I've had with Steve and a few others about sports advertising to women. He cares because he's a dad to two fresh faced girls, while I care... well I like understanding how things work and seeing those that choose a righteous path succeed.

A while back I got annoyed at this ad from Under Armour. I felt that pretty much all the women in the were just vapid models who extend the stereotype the ad purports to be different to. Not everyone agrees with me, but on the other hand no one's arguments swayed my opinion on it either.

Then there are these couple by Rapha, and here are some words by a woman consulting to Rapha about this exact thing... advertising to women. You really should read it, I know it's probably going to get lost between the pretty moving pictures of the videos, but I do think it's worth your time.

It's obviously not all like the Under Armour ad, there are plenty of people who believe strength is beauty, and have even learnt that women respond better to a different style of advertising to men (shock horror!).

An article on Again Faster. Though I think it still misses the mark. It continues to talk about beauty as if this is a woman's crowning achievement.

I don't even know what this image is from or for, I think of it as an Addidas ad, but it has a Nike flavour about it that I just can't shake.

So what was my point? It was interesting to see 6 strong, independent women who showed a lot of signs of individuality in style... who all supported a single brand... possibly because of how that brand presents itself to women.

On another note, my legs are sore, too many repetitions of the stairs up to my new place carrying heavy stuff. Talking of which, did I mention I'm keen for a new flatmate, I should mention it, it's true.

D: 19.5m
A: 89m

PMPW: 92kg

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