Sunday, 8 July 2012


Prahan - Sorrento - Prahran:
I don't think there's a grandiose adjective to describe today's ride, for in fact there was nothing terribly grandiose about it. In short it was two blokes riding their bikes from very early on a Sunday morning to just after 2pm to achieve 200km.

Standing on the corner of Chapel and High St at 6am, waiting for Dave Kelly to roll up, I shared a bemused expression with many passers by. We both wondered why the other party was dressed the way they were at the hour of the day. Surely the other should be in bed. I was clothed in several layers of lycra and wool and had rolled out of bed not long before, they were... well sometimes barely dressed at all and I'd imagine they rose sometime long ago on Saturday morning.

The most exciting part of the trip to Sorrento and back was the detour forced between Mount Martha and Martha Cove. It's likely a land slide had covered the road, travelers (obvs including us) were forced up the steep banks of um... is the hill actually called Mt Martha? Well whatever the name of the beast, it contained double digit gradients and dirt roads, a bit of fun to break the monotony in both directions of the trip.

Oh yes, the snot block at Just Fine Food in Sorrento rates a mention. Quantities of cocaine icing sugar that the passers buy from this morning might be familiar with, a crisp pastry and a filling that wiggled when wobbled, squished when squashed and tasted damn fine. The high of the whole lot lasted us through to a tad before Mornington where a 2nd coffee was required to complete the journey.

Sadly the straight out and back would have left us around 10km shy of the 200 mark, so with tired legs we rolled on into the headwind to Port Melbourne, before finally heading back along the river and piles of food only my mum's Christmas lunch could rival.

Strava link.

D: 202.3km
A: 1,110m

CE: 1

PMPW: 92kg

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