Sunday, 29 July 2012


Prahran - Two Bays - Prahran:
The forecast looked pretty arse, with it likely I'd encounter my second soaking on the bike in as many days, but I had an ace up my sleeve. Company!

Dave Kelly was set to do 150+ in the hills, and I'd committed  myself to go with him. This was the reason I wanted to leave myself some legs yesterday. Riding with one of the strongest Melbourne club riders, in the hills, for long distances... well it's intimidating good for me.

It didn't quite all go as planned, for a start Dave didn't turn up, I had bugger all legs, the route wasn't in the hills... BUT, there were people to ride with, and I got some kms done despite the shitty weather, so now that I'm warm and dry I'm fairly positive about it all.

A VIS strength (reminded me of Jeff more than I was comfortable with) and conditioning coach, a rower and a rower turned roadie were my company. We headed south to try and take advantage of a gap in the weather and when we reached Frankston decided to do the NRR Long, Two Bays loop. From the outset it was obvious my prime competition was the rower, a bloody strong unit that set hard tempo from the bottom of each rise. I took out some early honours, but when it came time to the crunch (Two Bays) he cracked me before midway and I limped to the top feeling pretty broken.

I'm shelled.

Strava link.

D: 114.0km

A: 622m

PMPW: 94kg

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