Monday, 23 July 2012


I cant remember if I typed it here, or just mused aloud to a few people, but many moons ago I recall stating I wanted to beat Lewis Rattray at CX. I recall at the time saying things like "I can beat him on a roadbike" and "I can hold him through singletrack".

I would like to take this moment, one reached not long after I finally looked up the results of the DDCX national round (here) and found that I'd dropped approximately 1 minute per lap to him, to apologise to Lewis for suggesting any such things, or at the least to acknowledge if true they have zero bearing on CX. Oof! I came in 34th, on what to me felt like a good day on the bike.

I'm sad to see that Ben and were allowed to race until the end, meaning they got 2 extra laps on me. God I wish I had a chance to race those last laps, Pepe Le Pew loves chasing end of race rabbits!

D: 17.5km
A: 325m

PMPW: 93kg

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