Monday, 16 July 2012


I think it was Rohin I said it to yesterday, it's odd that the thing that I use to excuse not riding MTB is almost the very reason I ride CX. Mud!

I'm not saying I'm overly eager to wear out drive trains, brake pads and rims, nor do I enjoy cleaning the grassy filth from  all the nooks and/or crannies of my bike. No, that's all the same distasteful stuff that's kept me off fat tyres. What is fun, is rocking around with 60 other blokes, heart rate pinging off red line for 3/4 to a full hour, over a range of conditions... grabbing a beer and then riding home again. Hrm, maybe it's the social aspect I'd digging and not he mud after all.

Anyway, enough of the past. All this thinking about the weekend's racing is starting to fill me with annoyance that my Pepe Le Pew tactic of building tempo through the race saw me get pulled (twice), and wonder if the drill it off the line tactic might get me deeper into the race. So yes, enough of that, and more about now and the future.

Today I'm feeling well used, but given I'm away from the bi cycles this weekend I'm running low on self pity, tomorrow it's back to NRR.

D: 24.6km
A:  247m

PMPW: 92kg

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