Sunday, 15 July 2012


The stiff northerly was not particularly nice for the roll across town. The legs felt hollow and thoughts that beers with Skinny last night might not have been ideal preparation floated through my mind more than once.

D: 34.6km
A: 317m

Alright, that's left me in a far better mood than yesterday. I didn't drill it off the line and found myself near a few of the riders from yesterday. With each lap I grew more sure of where I was able to take time on riders and where I could ease back on the legs and not lose time.

By midway through the race I was catching and releasing riders, Malachai, Duggan, Skinny, and ahead I started to sight Benny and H. It took a lap or two to be sure, but by around lap 6 I was convinced I was gaining on them and that made me happy, seriously so. Ben and H had faired far better than me yesterday and the thought I was playing in that part of the field only fuelled my confidence.

I'm a little bit shattered that as I rounded the start/finish to polish of my 6th lap, and head out on the 7th, the one I knew I'd catch Ben on, I got pulled while he and H got through for another. Next time boys, you're mine.

I have pillaged this from Ross.

A quick thanks to the faceless voices around pretty much ever part of the course, who yelled my name and cajoled my efforts. Fuck Thank you, you kept me honest, often when all I wanted to do was lie, cheat and not pedal my mud filled bike any more.

A bigger thanks goes to Rosco. I made liberal use of the tent and tools he carted in, set up and hauled out without lifting a single finger to help. Despite your best efforts, you're a top bloke, I'll keep that between us though... your secret is safe with me. Oh yeah one other thing, I'm stealing one of your photos for my blog post. I love those after the bunting is down photos!

D: 14.5km
A: 139m

PMPW: 94kg

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