Monday, 4 June 2012


This will be the third year that CX racing has happened in Australia, and thanks to my mate Ross of iRide Bikes, I will finally be taking part resplendent in an brand new skinsuit. Yes, I am almost as excited about expanding my skinsuit collection as I am about expanding my bike collection.

So why is this information pertinent? Well today I took possession of spanking new Jamis Supernova... just in time to ride it home in some of the shittiest weather of the year. I'm so sorry brand new bike... but there's worse to come in a month or two. :D

D: 6.9km
A: 138m

PMPW: 93kg


brendan said...

pls be aware that i will be making fun of you over the PA system as you ride.

Neil Robinson said...

Dude, I hope that was a typo.

"Making fun AND handing a beer each lap."