Sunday, 3 June 2012


ABOC Sprint @ DISC:
1 x 75m Power jump @ 82"
2 x 75m Power jump (Pairs from 15km/h) @ 98"
1 x 125m Power jump (Pairs from 15km/h) @ 98"
3 x 75m Power jump (Pairs from 30km/h) @ 98"
1 x 500m Motorpaced entry/Windout, rider last 100m @ 82"

With the roadie not an option, I considered getting out my hardtail for a bit of Yarra trails action (action action), but my bed was too warm, and had planned to (also) do the first ABOC Sprint session of the season at the freshly reopened DISC.

I regret the soft choice of not riding the MTB, but I know why I took it. I was a little nervous about sprint/power work given that my training has featured exactly sweet fuck all of it in recent months.

My pairs work was all with WAIS rider Jack Ward. I believe Carl said it best. "He's a strong fucker."

Basically the rider on the bottom of the track won each time, the extra height gained going around the outside was just too much to overcome.

PMPW: 93kg

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