Saturday, 30 June 2012


Prahran - Mt Pleasant - Smiths Gully - Strathewen - Watsons Creek - Prahran:
I'd hoped for a few people to play with today, but in the end it was just Craig Peacock and I winding our way through the back roads beyond Eltham on what turned out to be yet another cracking winter's day.


Craig is working towards the Leadville 100 and I just wanted to see what 3 weeks of non road training had done to me road legs.

The signs were positive for me, I was able to dispatch Craig on every hill, though getting myself into the relaxed upper body tempo state wasn't as easy as it was pre-break. Still I'm going to put a tick in the climbing box, while the question of flat(er) road performance needs some more data to judge if I'm riding how I want/need.


As for getting back onto the road bike, it was bloody nice to have all the data from Steve Hogg to get my it back to exactly how it was before. In his information pack is a chart with measurements and the method(s) used to record them. The foot inserts that I mentioned a while back didnt give me any drama, so either I wasnt going hard enough or my foot has adapted a bit to deal with actual support.

I'm still not at a point where I'd encourage anyone/everyone to go drop a gorilla on Steve's services, it's mighty expensive*, and there are other options out there.  How about I leave it just now with the statement "I'm not disappointed I went"?

Strava link.

D: 162.1km
A: 2,752m

PMPW: 94kg

* Unless you compare it to what we spend on bikes/wheels.

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