Tuesday, 26 June 2012



D: 23.5km
A: 410m

Brunswick Tuesday Track:
This is going to have to be short, because I am struggling to recall how everything went down tonight.

I hit the scratch race with a touch over a lap to go and help out for my first a-grade win. I'm pretty happy about that, because... well being disappointed with a win seems silly.

The points race started well with me securing 1st in the 1st sprint, getting rolled in the 2nd, getting 2nd in the 3rd and then it went to pot when my brain lost the plot and I totally missed an attack 8 laps to go. I rolled the rest of the race to get the track time, but with two Kosdown guys off the front, 3 guys chasing and then a decent gap to me, it was all over.

The final race, a combined A and B grade motor pace was excruciating. I noted Jess Morgan standing at the finish line signalling to the moto to lift the pace waaaay too often. By the end it was down to the A-graders and Spiro. Out best guesses put the final laps behind at speeds between 55 and 60km/h, sadly my computer had turned itself off (doh). As the bike pulled off I was 2nd wheel, Luca Giacomin had the front and to my relief he seemed happy to stay there, so I left him there for a lap, then at 2 and a half laps out, I went around and put what remained of my legs through my pedals. I hoped that Oli (Le Grice) had my wheel like we'd planned, but either the blood pounding through my ears muted his voice, or he never let me know, because it was radio silence as I tried to eek out the last few watts. Oli had in fact made my wheel and came through as my motivation waned, only getting rolled on the final straight.

PMPW: 94kg

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