Tuesday, 19 June 2012


The CX bike is now a part time road bike, it is in desperate need of some bigger chain rings, but as a stop gap, it'll work.

D: 7.5km
A: 160m

Brunswick Tuesday Track:
There was a decent A-grade field tonight, with a bunch of guys I'd normally expect to see on Thursday showing up. I'll admit it made me nervous, and put a dint in my already low motivation.

In the scratch race I held on to the early attacks by the Kosdown boys, who seemed to be trying to shake Dave Kelly off (he'd just pulled a turn and swung up), what I couldn't cover was a move just after my own turn, 6ish laps to go.

Next was a progressive points race, and my legs were still telling my stories about the first race. I chose to go after Mitch who'd gone clear for the first two sprints, and managed to hold me off for the third. To ensure I got some points on the board I kept the valves full open to take 4 points for the 4th sprint. Swinging up the track I was happy to see I'd stretched the bunch and broken a couple of riders, but as I rolled down it became quite obvious that I'd broken myself as well.

Which brings us to the final event, a 50 lap points race. I was really lacking motivation, but turned up to the start line anyway. I rolled the line for 3rd in the first sprint, kept the pace going after then rolled my turns and tried to hang on when everyone attacked. 20 or so laps to go I got split off with Oli Le Grice and worked turns for half a dozen laps before we got lapped and Oli took off to try and hold the leaders. I knew I didn't have the legs for it so kept rolling around solo. A few laps later I saw the remains of Oli's legs on the side of the track, then I saw Dave Kelly's, eventually I was lapped again by the lead trio. No, that makes it sound like I simply just rode around until my second lapping, I was in a bad place, I hurt A LOT and fought an almost overwhelming desire to just pull the pin and stop the pain. At one point I looked up, saw 16 laps and almost cried thinking about how long that would take. Ok, so back to the lead riders coming through to put me 2 laps down. I could see they were all suffering so jumped on the back. When attacks seemed imminent I eased up the track out the way. Surprisingly I was able to catch back on after each kick by keeping my pace steady. The last time was 4 laps out, the guys were starting to fox each other, so I rolled through underneath and slowly built the pace until half a lap to go they all kicked through me for their own finish.

I'm not pleased about my do or die level of fight. The will to kill myself to cover a move or to make my own stick.

I am pleased with my level of fight to the bitter end. The will to keep grinding away and not give up.

PMPW: 95kg

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