Friday, 15 June 2012


Dirty Deeds CycloCross:
The race was pretty short, just two laps of a course that wound its way round the Brunswick velodrome's infield, then ripped back around the velodrome itself. I started on the front but didn;t have the mojo to go elbows out through the turns, and lost a couple more spots over the jumps/remounting. The velodrome section, well that was my time to shine, claiming back masses of ground and several spots.

With the racing done I went and grabbed a beer. Halfway through I found out the racing wasn't done and begun to feel conflicted about the beer. I did the only logical thing and skulled it to ensure it wasnt sitting too fresh on my stomach for the handicap.

Much like the first race I lost ground to others during remounting and had the added fun of losing ground through the mud as my fat arse sank my tyres deeper than everyone else. Still even with all that and the traffic of slower/earlier starting riders I managed to get myself back up for my 5th (again), mostly thanks to rocking the big dog round the concrete of the drome.

So that's it, first race done, and some specific points to improve on. Bring on proper racing!

I'd like to note this photo is Mikkeli Godfree's and I've totally used it without asking. Mik... if I make any money from this post, I'll cut you in for half.

Strava link.

D: 3.0km
A: 8m

Rolling home with Mik and a couple of others I started to feel the fun of the cross bike. Finally nailing the rhythm of a bunny hop and generally just carving turns. Yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to racing more.

D: 30.0km
A: 211m

PMPW: 93kg

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