Tuesday, 12 June 2012


I have some poor feelings about last week that weren't quite coalescing into structured thought until I read
this post by Brendan.

"I've said in the past that in this game - or any other competitive endeavour, really - uncertainty equals failure. There's simply no room for doubt, for questioning, for thinking too much."

Not having a road bike has made me stop and think about training, rather than just roll out on skinny tyres to NRR, Mt Pleasant (et al) or the Dandies, I now have to make a choice. Choice creates doubt and doubt is the confidence killer.

D: 9.4km
A: 151m

Brunswick Tuesday Track:

The results sheets say this week was more successful than last, the same two seconds (Scratch and Points) with a bonus third (Win and out), but I feel a touch more disappointed.

I wanted a win in the scratch race, I even thought I had it in the bag, but a throw on the line saw me miss out by a tyre width to a guy who I thought I'd burnt with my attack. Backing up a bit, all the way back to the start in fact, there were only 5 guys in a-grade tonight, and not a lot of pace in the turns. I had the misfortune of being on the front with 2 to go, so rolled a half lap, swung up the track... then stayed there. I honestly dont remember when I kicked, 2 and a bit or 1 and a bit to go. Rolling down off the bank out of turn 4 and ripping through the lead rider. I went as hard as I dared, 3 odd km in the legs and 250m to go, I knew I had to actually pace the effort. Out of the last bend my hips started to wobble, the line was coming, but so was a rider around my outside. The guy who won (Greg Hogan) was the same as last week, the same guy who'd been on the front when I'd kicked from above. I'm disappointed I didn't put him away for good with my move, though I imagine my square pedalling only fuelled his legs in the run to the line.

The second race was a win and out, I missed the first move by Dave Kelly when I hesitated assuming a Nemesis kitted rider would cover the wheel. From there on it was ugly, though I made the wheel I didn't have legs to come around for first. Everyone else swung up the track after this first sprint, so I kept the pace on to see if I could force a solo gap. It was not to be, I had two riders with me and my efforts stung my legs enough to put me out of the sprint for 2nd place. So it was down to the final sprint, 3rd place, me vs Mitch Gourley. The pace slowed and my confidence grew. A good, old fashioned match sprint vs a 60kg bloke is always going to end in my favour. Mitch, I'm (now) sorry for throwing a few baby hooks your way, (at the time) you needed to know the track was mine. :D

A combined A and B grade field for the final race of the night, Points (15km), Greg, Mitch and I were all sporting pursuiters coughs before the race even started. Sitting on Greg's wheel I hoped for a nice easy race. Denied! When Greg hit the front, he hit the gas. We were still 6 laps shy of the first sprint, but the field splintered, us clear off the front, a group of 5 chasing and some others back behind that. We lapped on and off for a few before Greg's legs told him to stop which effectively sealed my decision as well. From there it was a touch like last week. Dave Kelly took a lap, I rolled through with others trying to minimise the damage. Then Dave reached us and drove the pace again, eventually there was a surge too far and I dropped off the lead "bunch" (now down to 2 riders plus the lap up Dave), and settled in to roll turns in a slightly slower group. So then, how did I score my 2nd 2nd? The other two riders with Dave crashed out, leaving me the 2nd highest points getter. 8 points vs Dave's 65. :P

PMPW: 95kg

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