Wednesday, 9 May 2012


NRR (long):
I had a complete brain fart this morning, I panicked thinking that I was running late, so hurriedly left the house and set about making up time. The unfortunate victim of this effort was the breakfast muffin(s) in my hand that after a short while, due what was going into my into the pedals, became inedible.

Well it turns out I wasn't running late, and as this was my first time doing the Two Bays version of NRR in a while, that extra few dozen calories would have been handy.

I rolled an easy pace on the front of the bunch down the highway, I'd wanted to sit in the whole ride, but whatever we had a wicked tailwind and the pedals were going over easy. As the regular bunch peeled off, Lochlan and.... um.... fuck, I always just call him Princess because it pisses him off... anyway Lochlan and Princess took up the task of pace setting and I got my sit. A little further down the road the whole bunch started to roll through a nice tempo, 20 riders coming through meant long rests... and was almost enough to make me fondly recall big hard handicap races.

Anyway, this is NRR long, the guts of the ride happens south of Frankston. Today, well... today was not my day. The numbers show that each hill put me further and further into the box, by the time we were back on the highway heading to the Canadian Bay turn I was chewing stem, and reached breaking point 20m before the lights. Choosing to take a few moments to calm the spasms from my diaphragm before the shit fight that is Canadian Bay. I wasn't the first guy to drop the wheel, so I had a little group to play with as the road once again jutted violently upwards, by the top, the group was much like my legs, shattered. That left a roll down the back and a steady  ITT up to Two Bays rd to finish off what was left of my dignity.

The way home did a bit to restore my state of mind to a positive state, the bunch began rolling through around Seaford, and despite ever dwindling numbers of those willing to come through, I kept at it and got a solid hour of over/under threshold work.

Time at work: 8:54am

Strava link.

D: 101.4km
A:  490m

I may have tried to take the top spot on a Strava segment on my way home. I wont definitively say I was... because I only achieved 2nd, but yeah I totally tried.

Strava link.

D: 7.6km
A: 23m

PMPW: 93kg

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