Tuesday, 8 May 2012


6am NRR and Commute:
There was a touch of a Northerly this morning, but that alone was not enough to explain why we touched sixty four kilometres per hour (twice!) on the way down. Obviously some boys were feeling the goods, I was not one of them, so took the ride as a way to clock up some kms and just sat in, waiting for my turn to order coffee.

After the flat white was well and truly scoffed, I had a lazy roll in to work on the roadie. It was around 7:45am as I rolled past NGV, admiring the play of light and shadow from the early morning sun against the gallery's stark wall.

I knew Mick would be set up with his van to dispense delicious espresso, so I peered ahead to see if he was busy or if I should wave my usual hello.

Just as I spotted the amicable fellow (Mick), another bicycle commuter rolls past and mutters "What? Are you fucking 12?".

I waved to Mick then rolled up to the dude at the next set of lights to enquire about my transgression. He told me what it was and said something like "making us all look bad" before the light went green and we rolled on again.

So what was it I'd done? What faus pas had I committed? Was my hat on slightly squint? Were my socks at uneven heights? Had a zip tie somehow appeared on my helmet? Was *gasp* my bike equipped with streamers and spokey dokes?!

I was riding without my hands on the bars. God I'm a jerk.

Strava link.

D: 61.7km
A: 366m

PMPW: 93kg

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