Saturday, 5 May 2012


Prahran - zig zag - Prahran:
It took a bit of mental cajoling to roll out of bed, my legs were still complaining (seriously legs) and it seemed so easy to just sms Jim that I was out. What got me over the line was the memory that I had been here before, riding with DOMS was uncomfortable, but not as slow as it feels like it might be.

Being the first week of a new month it was time to set a time on Mt Pleasant. I may have forgotten to tell Jim before, but he soon worked it out and did his best to set a better time than I. Mostly we too'd and fro'd, Jim punching hard on the hills, me pushing through hard on the flats. Eventually, on the very last hill, he cracked and I had a tiny mental boost, enough to look down and see my GPS was off.

In my mind, as I look back on this moment, I see myself suffering to finish the effort anyway, and I see myself swearing to the tune of the life be in it song.

Sometime after, possibly while my HR was still north of 180bpm (it seemed to take forever to come down), I realised I'd pressed stop instead of lap on the unit, a bit of time after that I realised I could just review when the data stopped and re-started to judge a time.

Time:17 minute 34 seconds.

A couple of seconds slower than last time, not great, but the timing "system" had some inherent issues.


The rest of the ride was a bit less intense, but given the route, not by much.

It may not physically make up for a week of inaction, but it certainly helped to roll 115ish km in the sun. Rolling up Chapel St the drizzle started,  I'd say that's a ride timed pretty much to perfection.

Strava link.

D: 109.5km
A: 1,923m

PMPW: 95kg

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