Sunday, 27 May 2012


Prahran - Mt Dandenong - Prahran:
"Doing three sides tomorrow, leaving The Wall at 8:30 (earlier if you want coffee). Steady pace, no one left behind and we will regroup at the top of each 'side'".

It sounded like a ride too good to refuse, a roll in the hills with the Stay True / Bike Inc / Giant boys and a promise that they'd wait for me at the top. As we sipped Cafe Lattes, Flat Whites and Cappuccinos (with the standard mix of strong and soy) some of the Artisan Cycles boys turned up. The more the merrier eh?


The route was "Three Sides", and featured some stuff I knew, and some stuff that was new. The Serpentine was interesting, 13% for just under a km up a wet, leaf covered road. I somehow managed to avoid a nut to stem incident, despite spinning my back wheel on one of those black squiggly road repair lines.


Mark and the Artisan boys were the main culprits for driving the pace on each climb, and as my confidence in the state of my legs grew, I moved up and played with them more. Lachlan tore me (slowly) apart when I tried to hold his wheel up the Wall, but I managed to Pepe le Pew the gap to him coming back up the Tourist Rd from Montrose to Olinda.

Strava link.

D: 131.1 km
A: 2,142m

PMPW: 93kg


Heaney Beans said...

Great ride & impressive times , especially considering your bodyweight. Where did you hear about this ride? I'm a cyclist who is often looking for hilly group rides as my mates prefer to stick to the flat...

Steve Caddy said...


neil said...

Heaney, I've been riding with and racing against these boys for neigh on a decade now. Generally though, rides that go into the hills are private affairs. Small groups of mates with a set plan in mind, even then it can be hard to muster others. In short, I don't know of any regular bunches, but I keep my ear open for mates going places that sound fun.

Also what do you mean "considering your bodyweight"?! I'm skinny as. :D