Monday, 14 May 2012


Up earlyish to sit in traffic near the airport, then off to Sydney for a bike fit session with Steve Hogg and my road bike.

The quick summary of what we did is as follows. Some questions, followed by some measurements, then some tests, then some other tests, then some fit work, then an effort on the bike.

Steve gets a bit of stick for what he does/believes in the "other tests" bit. I have doubts about those tests as well, any consideration they may do something, leaves me with a lingering feeling that I should now believe in the healing power of crystals and the performance benefits of power balance bands. I went because people who's opinions I trust recommended his service and the results they achieved, at least one may not be trying to assuage the post purchase dissonance associated with shelling out a fair chunk of cash for the privilege of having magnets waved around.

So lets ignore the methods for a moment, Steve states his methodology is simply to achieve the best results possible. So lets start with what I can quantify changed.

My shoes now contain more than socks of appropriate length and toes. Gone are the standard insoles of my shoes, replaced by some e-soles with arch support bits and tiny bits of plastic taped under the heel area.

My cleats are now slammed back on the bolts, putting about an extra centimetre of foot over the spindle of my pedal. There was also some fine adjustment to the angles of each to keep my foot in a nice path.

My handlebars are no longer 42cm c-c, they're um... 44 or 46 (they're flared) and a much shorter drop. The bottom of the new bars is about the same height as the old ones, achieved by dropping the whole lot by a 15mm, so my beloved palms on hoods TT position will now be lower.

I've been arsing around with my saddle, its height and its position for a while now, so it's hard to document what changed here, especially given I'd just swapped the perch out the day before (purchased what I've been testing).

So I've got some major changes around the foot, a bit of change to my bars, and possibly no change to my seat. I'm ok with that concept, the proof of the effectiveness of these changes will come over the next few weeks and months. The way we got to those changes... well that's a whole different story.

PMPW: 93kg

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