Saturday, 12 May 2012


Prahran - Mt Dandenong - Prahran:
The forecast wasn't promising, so I rocked up to a ride I knew would have others, so that the peer pressure would keep me from wimping out. The group had the added benefit of new people to judge myself against, but more on that later.

The ride took in the 1:20, Perins Creek Rd, Inverness Rd and Sassafras Creek Rd. Somewhere between Perins and Inverness I lost the group so only the first two climbs had others to compare against, and I didn't even get to the final climb up Sass creek Rd.

Back to what I did do, I got a lesson on how to ride the 1:20. I was under no illusion about my place in the group, I knew that most of these guys should climb faster than me, what I had wrong was how much faster they could do so. Up the 1:20 Ii sat on wheels, watching my HR slowly tick up, the number quantifying the fire in my legs and lungs. Around midway up I dropped the wheel of the lead three blokes, and eased the pace a little. Craig found me a bit later and I jumped on his wheel as we powered through the flat section, but eventually the pace got too much and I tried to finish of the last couple of kms in my own private box.


Well that's it, on the Perrins Creek climb I was piss farting around trying to work out / fix my HR reading on the GPS. It had decided to stop, and I wanted it to work so I could record my efforts to hold wheels. As we now know, the holding other's wheels bit didn't happen because I lost the group.

Inverness Rd was an effort simply due to it's nature, but I'm left now with a feeling of a missed opportunity, and that I still have a bit of a ways to go to be at a climbing level that will get me over hills in touch with bunches and thus in contention for a race.

Strava link.

D: 103.3km
A: 1,884m

PMPW: 93kg

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