Wednesday, 25 April 2012


1 x 15 min E1
2 x 10s MAX:2
2 x 10s HCLR:2
1 x 5min E1
5 x 1min ITT:2 (RR)
1 x 6 min E1
1 x 10min E3
1 x 5min E1
1 x 10min E3 (R/U)
1 x 10min E1

Steve came around.

The plan to ride NRR long was abandoned due to softness, and a session written by Carl was done on the ergo instead. Steve, who was prepared to man up in the rain joined me, for some special bonding sweating time.

From Steve's instagram (@pinstripes).

I went out waaaaaay too hard on the first ITT, and found myself blown by 25seconds. With Steve less than 2 foot away I had no choice but to try and keep the legs going and minimise my whimpering. I failed on the latter front and learnt a valuable lesson. I'm not in Sprintsas anymore.

The rest was a solid sweat fest spent relearning the mental joys of getting no where despite how hard you go, but continuing to go hard anyway.

Strava link.

PMPW: 93kg

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