Sunday, 22 April 2012


Prahran - Kinglake - Prahran:
Another Sunday out in the hills by myself, thoughts forming and dissipating in the mind like clouds in the sky above. Some of those clouds above had dropped some water on the road, but the ride itself was free from suck potentially pesky precipitation.


Princess St, Bonds Rd, Mt Pleasant Rd, Stony Creek Rd, Pigeon Bank lane, Alma Rd, Kinglake, Church Rd, Flat Rock Rd, Eltham Rd, Mt Pleasant Rd, Bolton St, Old Eltham Rd, Banyule Rd and Burgundy St. Climb after climb, in the saddle, out of it, jersey zipped, then unzipped, the only detour from the plan was a flat tyre that disapproved of my patching attempt.

So am I the only one to notice the signs on Flat Rock Rd become more lichen'ed the more you climb?




Strava link.

D: 146.0km
A: 2,631m

PMPW: 94kg

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