Tuesday, 20 March 2012


6am NRR:
I found the bunch odd today, myself and it felt like many others were cautious of coming through the front for a turn. Why? Tom Leaper was on his TT rig. Rolling turns with a dude on extensions just makes me uneasy.

D: 46.3
A: 155m

It was too nice a day not to do monos, so fat tyres were recruited for the jaunt in and out of the CBD.

D: 14.7km
A: 75m

Prahran - Blackrock - Prahran:
I got a message a pair of bibs I'd dropped off for repair were ready and given how freaking lovely a night it was the bike seemed like the only logical form of transport. The northerly helped whip me down quick smart, catching onto the back of the Tuesday night old Fitzroy bunch for a free tow. On the return leg I just tootled, knowing that if the bunch re-appeared I could just hitch another ride with them.

Anyway back to how lovely a night it was, I had on my nanna sunnies, the ones with rose tinted lenses, and I dead set near teared up at the sight of the sunset.

I really need to get some rose lenses for my jawbones.

"Dear Oakley, I am writing to you to propose a sponsorship arrangement. In exchange for a pair of pink lenses I am willing to get overly emotional about how beautiful the world is. -Neil"

D: 35.2km
A: 120m

PMPW: 95kg

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