Saturday, 17 March 2012


Austral Wheel Race:
I've been somewhat lazy in jotting down my thoughts about the racing, so anything I say should be understood to come from a reflective place.

So there were 3 races on the cards for me, I didn't get the nod for the sprint events, and was graded as B for the two scratch races.

First up was was a "heart starter" 8km scratch race. I rolled around avoiding the front like it had cooties. With only 4 laps to go I found myself boxed on the inside, so started looking around for a way out. There I stayed until a lap and a half to go, 3 guys were attacking hard and I pushed myself out and gave chase, overhauling everyone... bar those first 3 riders. Yep, I nailed myself it for 4th. (100")

Next was the heats for the Austral, I had a 150m mark and there were no riders that made me wee my pants slash skinsuit. I took off after the riders 20m in front, getting up to them after a lap and a half... just in time for them to swing high up the track (too far to be be coming straight back onto my wheel and of possible use later). I reset my pain gauge and went after the next riders... who swung up. FUCK! Only the outmarkers remained, so I went after them, arriving with legs feeling somewhat used. There was a split second where I had the choice, go around or sit on. I chose to sit on and I now regret that and think it was the wrong choice. It's easy to write that now, I don't have the searing pain past me did, my muscles are fully oxygenated, but it's the facts. As the 4 guys rolled through the pace lessened and lessened, until it was so slow I thought my mind might melt from agitation. Finally I had open air in front of me and had put in what I recall to be no more than 4 hard pedal strokes, to lift the pace and hold off the outmarkers... when 6 guys rolled through too fast for me to latch onto. That was my race done. 5 guys go through, and I had no chance, so I rolled off the track and yelled encouragement to those still racing. (100")

The next race features another regret, I changed gears to 96" and suffered. Granted it was a tough race featuring a lot of attacks, a style of racing that doesn't suit me terribly well, but I think I would have faired better on a 98" or better yet the 100" I'd ridden all night. (96")

After all that, I feel like I should have gone riding in the morning anyway.

PMPW: 95kg

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