Monday, 12 March 2012


Prahran - Mordialloc - Prahran:
The plan for today was a single loop of Mt Pleasant Rd with Ian, the weather was perfect and while I was excited about the prospect of riding with my oldest mate and the gorgeous pink/gold Autumn early morning light... the idea of hills was not making my legs happy.

So it was with a mixed emotions I checked my phone at 7am and noted Ian was stuck in a never ending poo cycle and unable to join me.

Instead I swung past Wall 280 for a coffee, then rolled on to Mordi. I did my best to spin a little gear on the way down, then used a few of the hills to open up the systems on the way back. I noted despite an all out effort up Rickets my HR was sluggish, indicative that I wasn't recovered. Yeah, no shit.

D: 53.8km
A: 165

PMPW: 99kg

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