Sunday, 11 March 2012


Bendigo - Maldon - Ballarat:
Oh man, what a gorgeous morning to be on the bike. Perhaps half a bakery's worth of hotcross buns stuffed with slabs of butter wasn't ideal as they sat heavy most of the morning, but it's hard to be upset with the glorious fruit and spice laden burps each hill brought forth.



A short stop off in Maldon to top up from the ye olde lolly shop and we were back on the road only slightly behind schedule. No problem, a bit of TTT work on the dead roads put our arrival time on track for lunch, the time we'd promised Steve's wife we'd get there.

Then things got tedious.



The headwind, the dead roads, the climb up and over the divide and then even more headwind all worked to suck our speed down. Gone was yesterday's lack of hurry, we had somewhere to be, and a time we should get there. We were both tired, both sore and sadly, we both wanted our adventure to end. Don't get me wrong, riding through country Victoria in glorious Autumn weather is by no means a hard burden to carry. It's freaking awesome... but we had commitments to meet that gave pressure to our progress, and that becomes tiring.

The rise in mood brought by familiar sights was matched well by the waning of our last vestiges of energy. We were both rightly pooped.


D: 129.6km
A: 940m

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