Thursday, 9 February 2012


North Road Ride:
I spent some time with my little ring (full disclosure, it's 44t) on the way down, and today it took some effort. I worked on the sustained cadence when the pace went up, trying to control hips my hips but the fastest bits required an over cadence spin / coast combo.

I came through for one turn up the out of Blackrock / into Sandringham, I left the power on to see what damage I could do to the bunch... then forgot to look back and see if people were chatting or grovelling.

For the sprint I found myself a little further back than I wanted, Lee was ahead on Andy Naylor's wheel. I turned to Skinny and said I'd be going early, my aim was just after Glen Huntly Rd, but when I saw Andy go with Lee just before the junction and no one else responding I went up the right and hoped Skinny was camped out for the best sit of his life.

I came over the top of Andy early with enough speed to realise that neither he nor Lee would be getting on, it felt like the kind of speed that would string and break anyone not firmly on my wheel so I kept it going. I went to the unhappy place where everything hurts and yells to stop... and I clicked a gear and mashed. The distance that seemed unachievable was quickly being eaten up by the speed, I began to think I might even hold it together to roll the line first. 100m to go the rider on my wheel, an Artisan rider, rolled through and I finally took the time to look behind, there was no one else.

I told my Artisan mate that the sprint was his and shut down my legs, my mind turning to the question of how much coffee was going to be required to get through the day.

D: 45.3km
A: 145m


D: 17.4km
A: 45m

PMPW: 97kg

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