Wednesday, 8 February 2012


6am NRR:
I was feeling a little angsty last night, I hadn't trained fully on Monday, and then yesterday was a rest day, so the thought of having today off... well it made me angsty. The point of commenting on this? It goes to show my reasons for getting up at ugly o'clock, despite a few nights of poor sleep, so I could get on my bike, get some effort in my legs and quieten the endorphin monster.

The pace going south was gentle, I was in the little ring and never felt stretched. In fact I never felt fully woken up. We hit the turn and I hit the front, working with another rider to do long efforts on the front. As we came through Mentone and I started to tire a scooter rolled up the side of the pack, gently drifted across and matched pace with us.

What follows was hellish. I ended up in around 9th behind the bike, the pace sat above 45km/h for Rickets, 50km/h on the flats and above 60km/h as we came through Brighton.

I just hung on for dear life and when the guy in front of me dropped the wheel past the Elwood sports grounds, I gave one last ditch effort to get across the gap... but despite grunting like a pig in heat I just couldn't close more than 30cm of it.

I was a little sad, but it looks like the last couple of riders blew as they got to Glen Huntly and no one had the legs left to sprint.

D: 44.6km
A: 155m


D: 16.3km
A: 50m

PMPW: 97kg

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