Sunday, 5 February 2012


Vic Masters Track Champs:
After warming up I had a quick check with the girls on the sign in desk, the 5th bloke for MMAS1 hadn't signed in (he didn't front yesterday either). That meant I was racing Nick Marc, John Tucker and a guy from yesterday, Craig Arnel.

I was confident I had the legs on them all, so chose to experiment slightly with my f200. I put on a stupidly big gear, even by my standards (108") and kicked a few metres earlier than normal. I rode a time of 11.602, once again not quite good enough for time of the day. Stu Vaughan rode 11.560 and Lou Pascuzzi cracked out 11.463.

I dropped the gear back to 98", for my races against John and Nic. With the races going pretty much the same way. First race I lead out and steadily raised the pace, the second they took the lead, attacking me just over a lap out, giving me a chance to chase on and through to record straight wins (it's best of 3).

Once again I didn't reach my goal of a 11.5 second f200, but I did PB and know my gear choice may not have been ideal. I'm taking it, and the second gold medal, as positives and am feeling that I want to go to the nationals up in Sydney later this month.

PMPW: 97kg


Publius Naso said...

You must race nationals. There is nothing else to say. I mean, dude. If you can beat me, who can't you beat??

James said...

What is the competition like for the rest of the country in MMAS1?

Rob said...

Neil- I have not checked in with your blog for a while- congratulations on the GOLDS mate. Well done