Saturday, 25 February 2012


Hell Ride:
9ish hours in the car the day before be damned, I wanted to ride today, so I got my arse up, shaved my legs and went to cafe racer for a coffee. Yep, nationals were done, so it was back to the regular Saturday morning routine of the Hell Ride.

The bunch was pretty obscene today, massive numbers of riders and a ripping northerly sending us southward at 50+. I wasn't interested in working turns but short of that, it was neigh on impossible to get to the front, and harder again to stay near it.

I squeezed myself past the bunch leading into Olivers and from there the searing pain through to Mt Eliza provided some solace. I saw both Andy Naylor and Johnnie Walker going backwards after ripping the bunch to shreds on the front. By the time we turned at Mt Eliza Way there was less than half of the riders left.


The bunch gained riders as we passed back through Frankston so once again it was hard to gain / hold position. My effort for the sprint was to rip past the Artisan sprint train (boys if you're reading this, you need more speed), and sent anyone who cared on to the line with a decent kick start. It wasn't my greatest lead out, my legs were lacking and my brain was not in a state to force the issue, but I'm happy to have it done, it justified the second coffee and breakfast.

D: 97.7km
A: 330m

PMPW: 98kg

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