Friday, 24 February 2012


Masters National Track Champs: - ITT
The officials found me early on and informed me that as the only MMAS1 rider registered for the sprint, I had a choice. A refund of my fees or a f200. There was a slight possibility of racing in the MMAS2 5-8 consolation races, but nothing was promised. I looked Rob straight in the eye and said "I want to set a time".

The time I set was a bit disappointing. It was the same as what I did at the metros and 0.1 of a second slower than at states. I feel like I should have been quicker, so here's where I could have improved.

First and foremost, not getting lost on the track. Seriously, there are 6 straights and 12 turns and I got lost. The end of the track we were set up on is the opposite to the one for D.I.S.C. and well... I got confused.

I came out of turn 2, around 400m to go and I kicked down the bank. A fraction of a moment later I realised I was an idiot and let the bike roll up into turn 3, then before my mind had time to ponder all the possible reasons why that was stupid, it was time to actually kick.

I rode a 106" gear to a 11.710 and I'm not thrilled about it.

CE: 1/2

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