Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Masters National Track Champs: - ITT
There were exactly the same MMAS1 riders today as there was at the Metros. Just me.

I continued to restate me goals to myself. Set a time. One faster than last time.

While I focused on that, the announcer / officials stated the system. Medals would be determined on times compared to the national MMAS1 record. I did the maths and it was very unlikely I would see Gold or Silver, but bronze lined up with my desire to knock 0.7 of a second off of my State champs time and go sub 1:10.

My ride was, I think, according to plan. I had a 100" gear on, went hard from the gate for a first half lap, floated the next one point five, tried to build speed on the third and finally came home just trying to hold onto whatever speed I had.

As I crossed the line I heard the announcers voice through the fog of pain and the hard carbon shell encasing my head. The voice said "1:09.762". I was happy, that's point eight faster than my last one (and enough for Bronze).

The medal ceremony where I, the only rider, stood on the lowest step was.... odd. Yep odd is about the only way to describe it. I'm not complaining, I get the system of %'s... it just feels... odd (did you think I was going to be creative on the third time?).

PMPW: 96kg


Steve Caddy said...

Very nicely done.


Publius Naso said...

Well done on the sub 1:10!

David Rusden said...

So big but so fast!