Sunday, 19 February 2012


SKCC Crit:
I once again rolled around with D grade to get a couple of extra kms in before racing A-grade. The pace was a bit more settled than last week but it was still enough that I am not sure I'll continue doing it. I dunno, maybe that's a bit over dramatic, but bear in mind that as I write this I have knowledge of how my legs felt in my actual race.

With no wind, or in fact any form of adverse conditions, I was confident A-grade would come down to a sprint. I contented myself to sit towards the back, moving up only when necessary or easy.

As the race progressed I never felt great, I was doing ok, but that's about the best descriptor that could be used. At 10min to go and also 5min to go I reassessed my legs, at both times I decided that despite not feeling amazing, I'd still do what I could to play at the point end. The option that would give me some more purpose, leading someone out, was off the table as my usual sprinting mates were either not racing or nowhere to be seen.

Coming through for 3 to go, or maybe we'd had it the lap before, but basically at the point of the race when things get fun and exciting, I rounded the last corner of the course. Ahead on the outside line, the line I was on, there was noise. Voices, bike bits touching bike bits that they shouldn't touch, bike bits touching road bits they shouldn't touch. I don't know what happened, I assume some cones were involved, but I went into damage control. All thought was on staying upright and if possible not adding to anyone else's suffering.

So yeah, that was my race. I sat in all day waiting for the spring... and then didn't get to sprint, it's a little deflating.

D: 89.3km
A: 25m

Brunswick CC Roller Racing:
Grover rolled past me as I was leaving Port Melbourne and asked if I was going to the Brunswick Roller Racing. Obviously the answer was yes, despite me having completely forgotten about it.

Brendan, who'd I'd seen on my way to too many Cervezas on Friday, had assured me that road bikes would be allowed, and there I was astride a bike with a 56t chainring and 11t cog fitted. There wasn't a huge amount of competition to be had, but I had fun ripping through a few efforts, scoring a t-shirt and some gelati for setting the quickest time in their "400m" challenge.

PMPW: 97kg

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