Thursday, 16 February 2012


6am NRR:
I commited myself to the little ring for the trip to Mordi, including the idea that cross chaining to the bottom three cogs was cheating. That left me with a biggest gear of 44x14 (85"). I feel this knowledge somehow permeated the bunch (and not just because I like to tell everyone about such things in a loud voice) and that this knowledge spurred the pace high, simply to spite me and my silly antics. Flogging it down the Nepean at 50km/h on an 85" gear was certainly one way to shake the last vestiges of sleep out of my system.

The trip back was a bit nicer, the pace was no slower but access to my 56t big ring made me happy. The sprint didn't eventuate due to red lights at Glen Huntly, so I rolled through with the Total Rush boys for a few coffees.

Sitting in the post ride glow, I am happy about the morning, sure I wasn't really loving life during the ride which is perfect. I note that I was not the master of my own pain, this weekend, it's time to embrace the suffering and giggle.

D: 45.3km
A: 130m

Sitting with my 4th coffee of the day I stared at my 2nd lunch and considered that 2nd lunch is a luxury that should be reserved for tough days. It was then that I committed to after work intervals.

D: 16.3m
A: 70m

1 x 5min E1
2 x 6s HCLR
1 x 7s PG @ 0rpm (left leg)
1 x 7s PG @ 0rpm (right leg)
1 x 25s PG 80rpm (5s @ 100rpm, 10s @ 130rpm, 10s @ max rpm)
1 x 30s PG 80rpm (10s @ 100rpm, 10s @ 130rpm, 10s @ max rpm)
1 x 27s PG-4 80rpm (9s @ 110rpm, 9s @ 135rpm, 9s @ max rpm)
1x 10s BG @ 0rpm (left leg)
1x 10s BG @ 0rpm (right leg)
2x 10s HCLR

I set my bike up out the back, under the veranda, just inches from the rain. Around the time of the 3 increasing cadence effort it became difficult to discern if the moisture on my bars was perspiration or stray precipitation. Those things are freaking evil, it feels like I only manage 2-3 extra rpm for the last period and effort induced grunting is rife.

PMPW: 96kg

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