Monday, 13 February 2012


I woke tired, my body was tired, my legs were tired and my brain.... well this picture tells at least 4 words.

D: 9.4km
A: 65m

Power Haus:
2 x 1min Row
1 x 100 Skips

2 x 5 @ 20kg Low bar squat
1 x 5 @ 50kg Low bar squat
1 x 5 @ 80kg Low bar squat
1 x 2 @ 115kg Low bar squat
2 x 5 @ 137.5kg Low bar squat
1 x 5 @ 125kg Low bar squat

Even after my warmup my legs had the well used glow that is normally reserved for the end of a 5x5 squat session. Holding the weight to the same as last time my aim was great form. The boys tell me I wasn't getting it, so I dropped 12 and a bit kg and tried again. Still no good I racked the bar and went home.

At the bottom, just as I hit parallel I lose my left knee and my chest drops one or both of which rounds out my back. I think the (lack of) flexibility in my hamstrings is a contributing factor, so I vow to spend some time addressing that over the next month or two.

PMPW: 97kg

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