Saturday, 11 February 2012


Hell Ride:
The roll to Blackrock from Cafe Racer was met with a solid headwind, enough that everyone was more than willing to let Costa and I sit on the front and punch a massive hole in it.

The Hell Ride itself rolled out onto wet roads, a decent sized bunch throwing spray up into the warm morning air. Glasses off left me squinting and trying to blink road grit out of my eyes. Glasses on left me hoping nothing major happened as vision through the rain / grime splattered lenses that were intent on fogging up was not ideal.


I rolled a few turns, nothing major as mere moments into the headwind was enough to remind even the feistiest of legs why bunches are such a lovely device. Into the hills I worked to keep Lee's young lady friend, Alison, in contact with the bunch. The extra load on my legs meant I reached Mt Eliza feeling somewhat used. Ace!


Once again I was too far back for the sprint, I found Steele von Hoff around 20th wheel and tried to get him into position. The best I managed before flicking an elbow (I need to kill that habit, there is no out to the pain, just keep digging) was to draw along side the Search2Retain boys. They had legs left and Steele finished 3rd. I liked the idea of having a pro coming off my wheel, next time I'll have to do him justice.

D: 98.7km
A: 345m

PMPW: 98kg

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Cycling Jobin said...

Thanks for the tow to black rock, much appreciated