Sunday, 29 January 2012


SKCC Crit:
Tim called it on Friday, Skinsuit Sunday was on at SKCC!

I rolled in early and volunteered to help marshal d-grade as a warm up. Mostly it meant sitting at the back with the occasional effort to move up and keep everyone left as b-grade passed.

It was (a lot) hotter than last week, but there still wasn't much wind, I hoped this meant a sprint finish was on offing and contented myself to sit in. A few attacks went up the road, but the hot conditions meant they were short lived.

At 10+3 to go, Lee was getting hot and cold shivers, I gave him a spare bottle of water and realigned my goals. With Lee out of the finish I thought about how I felt. I felt great, in fact I wanted a chance to test myself against Nick Walker, Chris Tymms and Aaron Salisbury in the dash for the line.

I found Lou in the bunch, he's offered to help me a few times before, but this time I was prepared to commit to it. I asked him to get me to the last corner first. Well 2nd, I wanted to come off his wheel and leave everything (bar skin) on the road.

As we got down to 3 to go I move forward, 2 to go and I found Lou's wheel, 1 lap to go and it was on. Adrenalin had started to pump through me, round the first of 5 corners and we were sitting around 5th / 6th. PERFECT!

Unfortunately round the second corner I got a good knock to the bars and was pushed wide. Inside foot unclipped my mind played me clips of the crashes I'd seen on this corner. I aimed to keep the bike upright and try and stop it before I collected the outside curb. What I wasn't doing was holding my place and continuing on to the sprint.

I'm somewhat pissed, partly at whoever undercut the bunch and forced riders to move out mid corner, and partly because this is a few races in a row (that I've cared about / felt good) where I've been unable to take a bit of contact and keep racing.

Next race (18th) it's fucking on. I'll have a few more weeks of speed in my legs, and I will not be denied!

D: 82.8km
A: 65m

After the crit I was a touch warm, so I downed a tub of icecream, lay about in the a/c livingroom and drank a heap of water.

Come 7pm I had a decent throbbing headache, something that google tells me is one of the symptoms of heat stress. What google wouldn't tell me, but I knew anyway was if I didn't get my intervals done tonight, I was unlikely to get them done before the Vic Champs. I wanted them done before Vic Champs so I got out another skinsuit and jumped on the trainer.

1 x 5min E1
2 x 6s HCLR
1 x 7s PG+12 from 0rpm (left leg)
1 x 7s PG+12 from 0rpm (right leg)
1 x 18s PG PG-20 from 120rpm (seated)

Looking down to organise the right gear for the next effort I was very displeased to see I'd just drilled myself in the wrong gear, so I stopped the clock and rolled easy until the 18 minute mark. Why? Carl writes his ergos with effort start times, and I knew I'd be unable to calculate variances if I tried to continue and make up the effort later (thus shifting all the start times).

1 x 18min E1
1 x 24s PG from 110rpm (seated)
1 x 30s PG-4 from 80rpm (seated)
1 x 20s PG-6 from 80rpm (seated)
1 x 40s PG-6 from 80rpm (seated)

I'm not sure the skinsuit made me any faster, I had it zipped down past my navel, so any aerodynamic benefit would have been out the window.

It certainly didn't get me all the way through the 40 second effort without smacking the wall. I got to 32 seconds and went boom. 130rpm down to 108rpm in the next 8 seconds and a lingering fear that I didn't put everything into the pedals.

Was it sensible to do this session? Probably not, but fuck you and fuck your sensibilities. I did this one because I want it it my legs and because excuses suck.

Bring on taper week!

PMPW: 98kg

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