Saturday, 28 January 2012


Hell Ride:
It was a fairly monstrous (big) bunch that rolled clear of Blackrock at 7am, I tried to keep myself forwards by rolling to the front when I felt I had slipped too far back, but was in a group that got caught by lights somewhere near Seaford. I rolled through a couple of times on our way back on to the front group.

I slipped up to the top 20 riders as we hit Olivers, it was nice to not have to dodge hoards of riders and vary my speed to get around them. Still the pace was kept on over the top and through the next rollers, so it's not like it made my life infinitely easier.

I was there for one thing, get a solid 30+ second effort in for the sprint into Blackrock. So as we rounded Mentone I asked one Omara Cycles guy who I've chatted to a few times if he'd get me forwards. He did so my thanks go to the tall dude whose name I don't know but whom I've pushed up some hills several times.

Up Rickets a few guys on the front were single file but right behind them there was 5-6 dudes side by side, with none of them looking likely to pull through. I cant remember how it happened, it's likely I let loose a verbal barrage and someone moved and/or attacked, but when a gap opened I drove through it, round the lead riders and into the gap that Andy Naylor had opened up off the front. I think my efforts took me from the top of Rickets to just after the exit of the turn, at which point a bunch of guys including Baden Cooke and Allan Davis attacked. That's kind of cool.

Anyway from there I sucked in air, watching the sprint up the road. I then sucked in air watching the bunch roll past. I then sucked in air watching the bunch up the road.

Even at $14, I cant resist avo and fetta mash post ride.

D: 93.9km
A: 285m

PMPW: 97kg

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