Sunday, 22 January 2012


SKCC Crit:
There was no wind in Port Melbourne, unless you count... no you probably wouldn't count that, despite being smelly it was gusty at best.

So anyway, no wind and a field lacking in some of the depth of talent and the large teams that we've seen previous weeks. In short, it was unlikely a break would win and the race would come down to a sprint. Perfect!

I felt good coming into the last few laps, really good. I'd set myself the task of getting Lee (or Stu) through the last corner, but it was not to be. Coming round the back "straight" the pace was too slow and riders were all over the road. I couldn't find a clean line to drive my legs through, so when we got to the last corner and I was in 12thish I realised my day was done.

Interestingly, though I did no more work than in previous weeks, the sense of disappointment wasn't there.

D: 69.0km
A: 60m

ABOC Sprint @ DISC:
1 x Gate start + 75m @ 82"
1 x Power jump + 75m @ 82"
1 x Flying 100m @ 82"
1 x Flying 100m @ 100"
1 x Motor paced flying 200m (rider last 100m) @ 100"
1 x Motor paced flying 200m (rider to layoff and pass) @ 100"
1 x Motor paced flying 200m (rider to layoff and pass) @ 100"
1 x Track stands

I'm still not great at the layoff and pass, it looks like I need to take a lot more height to get the distance needed to run at the lead rider or in this case, the motorbike.

CE: 1

PMPW: 95kg

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